Spitfire Kind Of Cooking- One Of The Most Loved Types

spit roast pig

Spit fire is one of the people’s most favorite way of cooking dishes. Spit fire cooking is nothing but cooking directly on the raw fire where the meat is poked through some stick which is made of wood or any other kind of material like steel. This stick which many have several pieces of the meat is then placed on two supports and the fire is lit underneath for the meat to cook or grill . This method of cooking has become quite famous with many people.  A true crave starter. One of the most known spitfire meals is the spit roast pig.

As one of the most desired cuisines to reach peoples palates, the widely popular spitfire has found its way onto local street culture and food trucks. Even with this, many have noticed that managing this type of cooking can be a work on its own, and so the shift to grill with the raw fire burning instead has risen.   Even with this modified way, spitfire remains as mouth watering as ever before.

From chicken to pig, there are many variants to which a spitfire can be cooked..

  • Pig cooked in this method

Pig on a spit fire is the most famous kind of spit fire dishes For one, roasting a whole piglet on a spit is much easier than most think, and produces a vastly tastier meal.  A great way to ensure that the roast is delicate and succulent is basting with a good seasoned basting mixture develops a thick, caramelised glaze on the surface of the roast. As you may know, this will keep the meat from drying out.