Is Singing in an African Gospel Choir Good for Your Health?

African gospel choir

Having spent many years singing in show choirs, gospel choirs, African gospel choir, and opera choruses, I have come to the following conclusion: although singing in choirs is a wonderful method to keep your voice alive, it is not the best approach to improve your solo voice.

It is possible to enhance health via singing by reducing stress and improving posture. The benefits of exposing young children to singing are many, and they should begin as early as possible.

Some people find singing in an African American choir to be cheerful and soothing, while others find it to be peaceful and meditative. Harmonizing allows you to express your emotions in a healthy manner. It is necessary to maintain a certain posture in order to create the best possible sound while vocalizing. When the vocalist is seated on a chair, they must maintain a tall posture and maintain a straight back. This may aid in the improvement of a child’s balance as well as coordination.

In reality, it is counterproductive.

Please remember that the director of these groups is not concerned with your particular solo voice, but rather with the overall sound of the ensemble. I’ve performed in choirs like the African gospel choir under the direction of a director who went to such lengths to preserve a blend that we were virtually singing at a whisper!

Of them, there is the opposite extreme, which holds that if anything is not loud enough, it is incorrect.


When joining Best choirs like African American choir, please keep in mind what the director is attempting to accomplish and do what is most convenient for you to do so. The first alto has long been a favorite of mine. While I could sing in soprano, it took a lot more work to do so. For example:

  1. Sing that high note regularly for a period of two to three hours.
  2. Make an effort to mix my strong soprano tone with the other ‘lighter voiced’ sopranos on the stage. 3.

As a result, my texture and tessitura were more suited for alto in the majority of situations.

The one place where my full lyric voice is ideally suited is in the opera choruses, of course!

African gospel choir

Unless you are singing incorrectly, you will find yourself constantly hoarse after practice. Inquire with your director about relocating you. Otherwise, you’ll have to look for another singing group of African gospel choir where your voice will be a valuable addition.


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